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Our woodburning stove in the kitchen, replacing a very old and burned out multifuel stove,  is a Woodfire 12i, sourced from Stoves Online ( The first one they sent was damaged in transit – whether by their courier or by MMAXX Ltd we don’t know (MMAXX didn’t check it over on arrival at their depot, unpacked it then brought it up dumped in the back of a van, so I know where my money goes) – but Stoves Online were unfailingly helpful and courteous over arranging the replacement.

This was despite very severe provocation from MMAXX Ltd, who gave them a deal of abuse and even tried to charge them for the privilege of having their stove returned. MMAXX also failed to repack the stove properly, meaning it was even more damaged on its return to Stoves Online. So, for being completely helpful in the face of determined idiocy and abuse, Stoves Online get full marks. Recommended.

Oh, and the stove is pretty damn good too, and a slight problem we’ve just had with the pressure relief valve sticking has been dealt with again very helpfully by Stoves Online. Thanks guys.

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