Winter Trolls

In anticipation of another winter like last, we’ve just had both cars switched to their winter booties, one at each of the  two roughly equidistant local garages. The first mainly deals with Land Rovers and you do get the impression that you’re handing your car over to an amiable troll who firmly believes that there’s no problem that can’t be solved with a big enough hammer.

I made the mistake of helpfully informing them of the right wheel torque for the car – at which point they seemed to think that 120 Newton-metres was a tyre pressure. Maybe it was my accent… The other (Dreadnaught in Callander) is an ex-TVR dealership and race shop: gleaming workshop, friendly (as indeed was the other) and very professional: right pressures, right torque AND cheaper. That’s my comparison shopping done for a while.

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